Mozilla2School Webmaker Party

The feedback and positive response from the Mozilla2School give as good fuel for organizing a Webmaker Party in St Berchmans Higher Secondary School, Changanassery, Kottayam, Kerala, India.This event was held on October  12, 2013 from 9.30AM to  4.30PM.

Spread the word of Mozilla to the World

But this time, it was nothing like the first Mozilla2School event. We dreamt higher! The event was a huge one with a bigger intake and the event was attended by students from 7 schools. We had 6 Mozillians on our team, namely Kumaresan CS (again me itself) ? , Rigin OommenAbin AbrahamJithin JojiVyshak RajanJithin Sha and our own ReMos Saurabh “jsx” and Midhun Manoj

The event was divided into 3 categories HTML-, HTML, HTML+ according to the knowledge level of the participants, and there was a special session for the staff members about JavaScript and CSS too.

Everybody gained a lot from the event especially the students from smaller classes got a good look around what was happening in the web world. That was a whole new experience for them…

We had participants from the following reputed schools

  1. Good Shepered Public School, CBSE, Thengana
  2. Placid C.B.S.E, Chethipuzha, Changanassery
  3. Kristu Jyothi HSS, Changanassery
  4. Sacred Heart HSS, Changanassery
  5. St. John The Baptisit’s Hss, Nedumkunnam
  6. St. Peter’s HSS, Changanassery
  7. St. Berchmans HSS, Changanassery

Small Set of Responses from the Participants

And we got lots of invitations from various other schools and colleges to take our “lazy Mozilla” to there respective institutions and she thankfully agree with it and planned there schedule accordingly…

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