MozCoffee – June 2014

For any community to stick together and grow, there must be occasional meetups to discuss the activities that have been done in the past, plan ahead and welcome new members to the family. Mozilla does it in style. We call it MozCoffee.

Its been 9 months since Mozilla Kerala has been born and since then, we have been showing tremendous growth in terms of organizing events as well as involving people to { code } for an open and transparent web. We have been successful in spreading the mission of Mozilla to the masses of Kerala.

We had our first community meetup back in September 2013 and the second one in January 2014. And we are happy to announce that we are meeting up for the third time on June 15, 2014 in Kochi. As most of our events, we want the participants of the event to get the best of the event, so, the event will be an invite-only admission. Those who are interested in joining us for the event and getting involved and to know more about the Mozilla Kerala community can head over here to register yourself for the event.

But just filling the form doesn’t give you the free pass for the event. As mentioned earlier, the event is invite-only; which means that we will be reviewing your application and sending out exclusive invites for applicants who are good enough to attend the event. Please fill up the form and be patient, so that we can review your application and get back to you.

Aim of the meetup :

  • Strengthening the community
  • Planning for the future
  • Introducing new developers to the community
  • Empowering the Mozilla2School project
  • Introducing Australis and WebWeWant

Tentative Agenda :

    • Introduction to #WebWeWant
    • Introducing Australis
    • Firefox (Australis) launch party
    • FSA Program co-ordination
    • Plans for firefox clubs in schools
    • Community building and future plans
    • Bringing new contributors to community

and anything related to mozilla and { code }?

Use the hashtag #MozCoffeeKochi for sharing on social media.
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