IEDC Summit 2017

Mozilla Kerala hosted a booth at the IEDC Summit 2017 organized by the Kerala Startup Mission (KSM) on Saturday, August 19, 2017 at the Adlux International Convention & Exhibition Centre, Karukutty, Angamaly, Kerala, India. This was an opportunity for the community to expand our presence at a large startup platform in Kerala. The Kerala Startup Mission (KSM) has always been very supportive of our activities and were happy to have us at the event.

Mozillians Syam Kumar and Kumaresan CS arrived at the venue around 08:40 AM where Navneet was waiting for them. He arranged for the registrations of the mozillians for the event and the booth. Salman arrived with the banners and the VR gear in a while. The mozillians set the booth up with 2 laptops hooked up to 2 VR gear.

The crowd started flowing in around 10 AM. It was mostly students, but wasn’t limited to students alone. We had engagements from all age groups. The plan was to give an introduction on the various initiatives of Mozilla :

  • Safe Web – Privacy
  • Dive into Rust
  • Campus Clubs – initiative for students
  • WebVR & IOT
  • Building open source culture

Each volunteer at the booth was assigned an initiative to talk about. Syam Kumar talked about the Safe Web – how to maintain one’s privacy in the digital world. He also briefed about SuMotoo. Navneet gave an introduction to Rust. Sooryanarayanan and Sharad Joe talked about Campus Clubs. There were a lot of students interested in the initiative. We provided them with relevant information as to how to register a campus club and the benefits of campus clubs. Salman and Kumaresan talked about webVR and the vast opportunities of virtual reality in the world. They also gave a hands-on experience with the VR gear so that participants could get some practical insight on the virtual reality world.

We had expected an approximate of 2,500 – 3,000 participants for the event. The event saw 3,224 attendees. Distinguished guests visited our booth and appreciated the initiative. Most people who took a peek at webVR were enthusiastic to go back and build their own VR with webVR. Students were interested in Campus Clubs, so, we can probably expect more number of Campus Club registrations this year. Overall, the participants who visited the booth got to know about mozilla and its activities.

We found that this opportunity helped us interact with students and staff of various colleges. It strengthened our relationships to a great extent and also expanded our network. The event ended at 05:30 PM.

About IEDC Summit

Kerala’s largest summit for aspiring student entrepreneurs. Innovation Entrepreneurship Development Centres (IEDC) are small incubators that are physically available at Engineering, Polytechnic, Management and Arts & Science colleges which promotes innovation and entrepreneurship at the college level. Kerala Startup Mission (KSM) is supporting 193 IEDCs across the state. These IEDCs help the students to come up with innovative ideas to work within the IEDC and start their entrepreneurial journey. The program includes 3000+ students from 193 Colleges and around 20+ idea pitching, 50+ project presentations have been included. Around 5+ Investors and 20+ Speakers were also part of this event.

Take a quick peak at the happenings of the event :

If you’re interested in looking at more photos, head over to Flickr.

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