The big WoMoz day!!!

The WoMoz event was the most memorable day in my life; I got a very warm welcome from a bunch of lovely girls at Indira Gandhi Institute of Engineering & Technology for Women (IIET). I was a bit nervous actually. OMG! I had to give a talk on Mozilla; My very first talk to such a big audience! A bit of excitement and anxiety.

An “avial” of all these were running through my nerves. Well, after my small introductory session, I was just wondering whether everything went well. And obviously (since this was my very first event), I had missed a lot of things I had actually prepared for. But it was a great experience talking to them.

I was really happy thinking that I was able to explore some of my talents that I never looked into before. Really a break-out-of-the-shell scenario. And thanks to Mozilla Kerala for giving me this wonderful opportunity to shape my skills ? It was a healthy experience overall! With my first WoMoz experience, I strongly felt the need of Women getting introduced to technology.

Because as I noticed, most of the participants were unaware of the latest technology trends! It was good that this community had its motives in empowering women in technology. And I felt really proud to recognize myself as a volunteer working for the same!

To talk about the other sessions, like OpenWeb by Abid, WebAPIs by Siraj, HTML5/CSS3 by Binoy, etc that were taken by other Mozillians, I could gain a lot of extra information that gave me opportunities to put into practice these technologies and thus could increase my knowledge in those areas. And yes, there was technical difficulties associated too.

It was great to see how my fellow Mozillians handled such pressures with ease. I would like to quote, “If there is a will, there is a way!”. And to accomplish our will each of us worked very hard.

And the most remarkable moments were those when we got a very positive response from the participants. I was so happy to hear they enjoyed our sessions. And then the day came to an end. With the gratification of spreading the knowledge we possess, we returned home.

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