Windows 10 Campaign – Kochi Edition

Twenty passionate Mozillians came together on November 22, 2015 at Hotel Seapark in Kalamassery, Kochi to discuss the recent update of Firefox for Windows 10. The goal of the gathering was to retain users to use Firefox after upgrading to Windows 10 (since Windows 10 replaced the user’s preferences including their default browser preference).


  • Introduction to Open Source & Privacy
  • Why Open Source?
  • Mozilla’s Mission
  • Why Firefox?
  • Why Install Firefox for Windows 10?
  • Install Firefox for Windows 10
  • Set Firefox as Default Browser
  • Firefox for Android
  • Webmaker for Android
  • Sharing to the world on social media about Firefox for Windows 10

We started with around 7 people. shine started to talk about open source and privacy. He talked about how open source and privacy were important in today’s connected world. Anush “bmx” took on and talked about Mozilla, its mission and why we do what we’re doing.

Kumaresan talked about the latest update to Firefox, how it was tailored for the latest iteration of Windows – Windows 10.

Why Firefox?

  • Firefox is the trusted Web browser of choice for hundreds of millions of people around the world.
  • Firefox puts you in control of your online life and puts everything you need in a personal and customized Web experience.
  • We believe the web should be open and accessible to all, so we make Firefox for Windows, Mac and Linux and localize it in around 90 languages with help from the global Mozilla community
  • Firefox has a streamlined and extremely intuitive design to let you focus on any content, app or website – a perfect balance of simplicity and power.

How has Firefox shaped the Web?
What has Firefox done for the Web

  • The short answer is, so much!
  • We created Firefox more than 10 years ago to deliver choice and control on the Web as part of our mission to promote openness, innovation and opportunity online. Today, Firefox is the only trusted and independent choice.
    • Twice awarded Most Trusted Internet Company by Ponemon Institute
    • Created by a non-profit, global community focused on putting users in the driver seat.
  • We are moving the Web forward as a platform. Just a few examples:
    • We’ve been first with leading privacy features and initiatives like DNT and the LightBeam add-on and dedicated to improving privacy with things like: guest browsing, the Forget Button and our continued work on Tracking Protection
    • We’ve pushed standards and pioneered new technologies like 3D graphics on the Web, Web real-time communications and more than 30 new mobile WebAPIs.
    • Firefox has thousands of Firefox Add-ons to customize everything about your Web experience.


  • Communicate our differentiating values: ChoicePrivacy and Quality
  • Educate our users about how they can maintain their choices and preferences before and after their upgrade to Windows 10.

We helped ourselves with an exercise and learned how to install Firefox on Windows 10 and make it our default browsers.

Akhil and Faheem helped Android users to install Firefox for Android on their devices. They went on to explain how to “sync” their tabs from the desktop to their phones with Firefox Accounts.

We also demoed the recently released Webmaker for Android app.

We gave out swags for those who installed and set Firefox as their default browser on their laptops. Extra swags were given out to those who took the extra step to share to the world on their social media about the event and how to get Firefox working on Windows 10.

Though we officially concluded the event after that, we stuck around to discuss other relevant topics like net neutrality and how Free Basics ( was violating users’ privacy.

We wouldn’t leave without taking pictures.
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