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Event Co-ordinator : Kumaresan C S
Venue : Central Polytechnic College, Vattiyoorkavu, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, INDIA
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Mozilla Kerala organized its first WoMoz event on February 8, 2014 at Central Polytechnic College, Vattiyoorkavu, ThiruvananthapuramThe event was organized from 9:30AM to 4:30PM.

The event was organized in close coordination with Society For Promotion of Alternative Computing and Employment (SPACE), Kerala. Indu Reghunath from SPACE coordinated the SPACE volunteers and activities.

The mission of the WoMoz Project, “is to promote and involve more women in the FLOSS world”, and in Mozilla’s terms,  it is to increase the awareness of Mozilla’s programs and web issues that regard to women, especially, regarding the privacy of women using the Internet.

The event was handled by 4 volunteers from SPACE and 2 volunteers from Mozilla Kerala.

  • Arun M (Executive Director | SPACE, Kerala)
  • Nikhil C M (Project Manager | SPACE, Kerala)
  • Indu Reghunath (Senior Software Engineer | SPACE, Kerala)
  • Sairath N (Software Engineer | SPACE, Kerala)
  • Kumaresan C S (Webmaker Mentor | Mozilla Foundation)
  • Abin Abraham Anchery (Volunteer | Mozilla Kerala)

A brief outline of the event was given by Arun M followed by Nikhil C M, who gave an introduction to Free Software. Indu Reghunath elaborated about Web Privacy, what precautions are to be taken to secure online profiles and how to browse the internet safely. The participants participated actively in this discussion and had many queries. Kumaresan C Sthen talked about WoMoz and its relation with Mozilla. He also gave a brief idea about theFirefox Student Ambassador (FSA) program and how students can get involved with Mozilla. Abin Abraham Anchery introduced the various products of Mozilla.

We had planned a small Webmaker workshop for the participants. We had SPACE volunteer, Sairath N gave a brief introduction to the WoMoz Project and remixing websites using X-Ray Goggles. We then had the Webmaking session and various different types of remixes of different websites. Some of the remixes have been listed below :

We distributed Webmaker swags to a select few makes who stood best from the others. We wound up the webmaker session at 4:00PM. We got a good feedback from the participants and they were keen on conducting further programs in the future. Mr. Mohan, Head of the Department of Computer Science of the college thanked the team for bringing the event to their college and was delighted to host future events. We concluded the event of the day at 4:30PM.

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