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we added Tracking Protection as an option in regular browsing. With Tracking Protection now turned on by default in both regular and private browsing mode, you can easily control which sites you want to deploy Tracking Protection for — like retail sites — and which ones you don’t. It’s simple, just tap your menu button and you’ll see it listed there!


Tracking Protection uses the same ad blocking technology as Firefox Focus for Android and iOS, Firefox for Desktop and Firefox for Android.

At Mozilla, we’ve always believed it’s important to respect people’s privacy and give them the control to decide which information they want to share, and what information they don’t. Now more than ever consumers are demanding this from the companies with whom they share their data. As an added bonus most people using tracking protection will notice that their web content loads faster for many websites, allowing them to save on data usage and providing optimized battery performance.

New iPad Features

Re-order your Tabs

For some people, when you’re on the web you might be checking out recipes for dinner, but then check email, or look to see what’s the weather like for your weekend. To help get you quickly to the places you want to visit, we’ve added support to organize and prioritize your tabs.  For example, you’re waiting for a work email from your boss, now you can move that tab to either the far left or far right so you can easily access it. Simply, long-press the specific tab and drag it in the order that works best for you.


Drag & Drop links between Firefox and other Apps

Do you find yourself on a website and you want to share the link with a friend, but find the task of cutting and pasting the link into an email or another app a bit tedious?  Well, we’ve made it easier for you. On your iPad, you can now drag and drop links to and from Firefox to any application, whether it’s an email or a tweet.

tracking Protection

More iPad Keyboard Shortcuts

We’re all about making your web browsing experience more efficient, and in this case, we’re talking about keyboard shortcuts.  We’ve implemented standard navigation keys as well as several improvements for easier tab tray navigation, like Command + Option + Tab to get to and from the all tabs view.

To learn more about our full list of shortcuts, visit here.

To get the latest version of Firefox for iOS, on the App Store.

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