36+ hours…yet another memory for a lifetime!

Mozilla Kerala Regional Sprint, another best event of 2018!

It was planned to be conducted on 18th May 2018–19th May 2018. Since KTU keeps on changing their exam date, the organizers started to receive a number of emails requesting to change the scheduled date. By considering the request from the students all over Kerala, the date of sprint has changed.

Another date was fixed in July, but sadly due to spreading of Nipah virus the honorable government of Kerala has banned community gathering. Thus the organizers were forced to change the date again. Finally, after all those issues, Mozilla Kerala Regional Sprint was held on 14th July 2018- 15th July 2018 at Kerala Technology Innovation Zone, Kalamassery.

                       Mozilla Kerala Regional Sprint 2018- the whole team!


As someone said, the longer you wait for something the more you appreciate it when you get it. Because anything worth having is always worth the wait. This proves true in the case of MKSprint 2k18. I had heard so many positive comments about the event from participants.


Around 400+ registration was received and since the seats are limited, 300+ registrations are kept in the waiting list. After continuous mail, RSVP’s, calls and filtration, tickets are provided to around 100 participants. From them, 80+ participants attended the event.
With 80+ participants, 30+ volunteers and 2 speakers, I would say MKSprint 2k18 was a huge success.

                                                                      Get Set Go!

13th July 2018


The best part of an event is always the previous day before the actual event. I reach the venue on 13th morning around 11:00 am. Some of the other volunteers and the core team has already present there since morning. Everyone was busy with their work as well as excited for the next day. syam Kumar , rep of Mozilla was running the whole day with background works. Everyone was engaged in re-checking the checklist again and again and making sure everything is on track!

                                          Pre-event preparations on track.


Everyone was excited about the next day. When every volunteer reaches the venue, Siddharth gives a brief introduction to the event and structure of event for the next two days. Since the event is not a competition there were 10 topics and 10 teams. Each team has 5–8 members and a team leader. The team leaders were given their topic and a brief introduction to all those topic has done! Soon after the standee and backdrop arrived, we arranged the venue. It was late evening and I realized that I ate nothing the whole day except some sips of sprite and some chips. I realized it when Kumaresan, rep of Mozilla Kerala bought us Chappathi and curry. The best part of the community is always the joy of volunteering, sharing everything and the bond in between the members. I left the venue around 8:00 pm because the curfew to enter my hostel is 6:45 pm 😛

                                                The venue is set for the event!

14th July 2018


MKSprint 2k18 was a 36-hour event. The registration started at 7:30 am. Most of the participants came on time. We kick off the event at 9:30 am soon after having breakfast. Yadev Jayachandran the young and budding designer of Kerala gives an introduction about Mozilla and Mozilla Kerala and welcomed everyone for the event.

                                             Participants for MKSprint 2k18.

Since it was morning and most of the participants are sleepy, Navaneet took the mic, his energy and activeness has spread a positive energy in participants. They have been split into teams and each team was provided with a topic and a team lead. The topic includes women safety, Malayalam ML, transportation system, data security, intercommunication system and so on. After a fun-filled icebreaker, everyone meets and greet their respective team and started working on their project. In between, there was a talk of Jancy Jose about Cyber Security.

                                    I told you! This is the best ‘icebreaker’ ever.

Everyone was engaged with their project.The highlight of the day was 10+ Linux distribution installation has been happened under the guidance of @Shine which was an amazing initiative to use open-source. Good networking was also there in between everyone. Some of them haven’t slept at all, they were very enthusiastic about hacking their problem statement and finding a solution. These energetic participants were the best part of the event.

                                                     Late night project works.

15th July 2018


The 36 hours event is still on track, some are taking rest after long coding while some others are keenly involved in their project without even taking a power nap. Happened to meet an amazing person @Vipin sir, we had a small discussion about KTU University, syllabus etc. The hackathon session ended at 12:00 pm. After having lunch, it was time for pitching. All the teams came forward with an amazing set of projects. Some of them haven’t completed their project, but they are interested to go ahead with those projects and that is obviously a great thing!

    A good networking and communication can always create brainstorming ideas.

Soon after the event, everyone rushes to pack their bags and we bid goodbye!
After cleaning and arranging the venue, we left there at around 8:00 pm. And straight to Palakkad…though, it was a flop xD

Soon after the event, everyone rushes to pack their bags and we bid goodbye!
After cleaning and arranging the venue, we left there at around 8:00 pm. And straight to Palakkad…though, it was a flop xD

                          Some serious discussions and planning on projects.

Thanks, Mozilla Kerala!

Happened to meet a bunch of amazing people. There were peoples from Kasargod to Trivandrum. Each person presented there was special and are not like ordinary people, everyone was unique and special in their own way. I wish if I could meet @Rijin, another rep of Mozilla Kerala. I had heard a lot about him from @Navaneeth, but sadly he was not present for the event.There were fun-filled moments, memorable incidents and never-ending laughs…!

             The best part of Mozilla Kerala Regional Sprint, the organizing team.

Mozilla Kerala Regional Sprint 2k18 was an experience and it will be missed!


To all who was there for MKSprint 2018, Hasta la Vista!

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