Firefox Spring Campaign, Kochi

There is a saying, if you wants to achieve something you have to dream high. The community organized a Firefox Spring Campaign to promote the use of Firefox on the mobile. People from different parts of Kerala came together on June 20, 2015 to join the “FoxYeah” campaign.

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We had around 25 participants who were all excited to hear about Firefox for Android and iOS. The participants were new to the concepts of Mozilla, privacy, open source, Open Web, etc. We needed to brief them about all those concepts first before we got into the core of the campaign. The idea was simple. Introduce the participants to mozilla, its principles and its mission before moving on to the “FoxYeah” campaign. The participants were enthusiastic about the concepts introduced to them. The discussions that happened made the event more lively and energetic. The participants had the passion blended with the knowledge in the right proportions. They were the best examples of showing what the spirit of a mozillian really was.


shine kicked off the session with the introductions. He first initiated an introduction of the participants. He explained the mission that mozilla strives on. He talked about the different products of mozilla, the importance of open source. He also went on to talk about privacy on the web and digital literacy.

shine introducing mozilla and its mission.

Kumaresan followed up by explaining the Firefox Spring Campaign and the need for using Firefox in the mobile devices. He mentioned some of the security issues in the web world and how to overcome them.

Rigin talking about online privacy and tracking

Rigin Oommen talked about online tracking and privacy for the users. He demonstrated a couple of Firefox add-ons that could be used to monitor your online activity and who was tracking you.

That wasn’t all. There were much more to feast the participant’s neurons. shine took the floor again to continue about Open Source and how mozilla’s products were all open-source. He reminded the participants of the importance of Net Neutrality in India and the netizen’s rights.

No event is complete without food and pictures. We had a cake with lots of icing, and yes, it vanished in the flick of an eye. We finally ended the evening with a photo session. It was fun with everybody posing with the “FoxYeah” pose.

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