MozCoffee v4

It was back in June 2014 that we had our last MozCoffee Community Meetup v3. And we needed to meet up to plan for the year ahead. A few very active mozillians (around 20 people) grouped together on Sunday, December 28, 2015 at Marine Drive, Kochi to recap about our activities in the past year and plan ahead for the new year 2015.

Abin Abraham Akhil James
Binoy Balu Eldhose K Shibu
Faheem K Jithin “Riddler” Shah
Kumaresan C S Midhun Manoj
Neethu Sajeevan Nidhiya V Raj
Praveen “psbots” Sridhar Rigin Oommen
Sethu Sathyan Shine Nelson
Sirajul Muneer Varghese Thomas E
Vysakh Rajan

Our Agenda for the day was :

  • Recap of events in the past year (2014)
  • Planning Ahead for the new year – 2015
  • Planning and finalizing of WoMoz Bootcamp
  • Planning a Firefox Student Ambassador Meetup across the state by dividing the meetup in 3 regional zones
  • Firefox 10 Celebration

The scheduled time for the meetup was 02:00PM, but some of us arrived early and warmed up by the time everybody else arrived. Everybody came trickling. We started around 01:45PM when we had enough people to start. Midhun started by giving a recap of the past events and what was on the roadmap for 2015. He then gave the floor to shine to talk, discuss and plan the most important upcoming event – WoMoz Bootcamp.

The WoMoz Bootcamp was the main agenda of the day and needed the most time for discussion. He proposed a skeleton of what he had in his mind on how the event should be organized. We then discussed and modified on how the event should be. Shine suggested that we needed to get the opinions of potential participants’ about how they would want the event to be organized so that we could organize an event that would be fruitful and productive. He then engaged with the WoMoz that had come for the meeetup – Neethu Sajeevan, Nidhiya V Raj and Sethu Sathyan. In the meantime, the rest of the participants under the lead of Midhunand Kumaresan discussed on how to organize the Firefox Student Ambassador Meetup over 3 regional zones across the state. When the discussions finally ended, we had finalized the WoMoz Bootcamp and listed down the activities that needed to be done. The Firefox Student Ambassador Meetup was also on the right track.

After this we went on to cut a cake to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Firefox. We couldn’t organize a celebration in November since the student volunteers were busy with their university exams. So we did it now.

We concluded a fun-filled day with a photo session as usual.


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