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Mozilla 2 School – Malappuram & Palakkad

Mozilla 2 School is an initiative of Mozilla Kerala exclusively for students of the schools of Kerala. Mozilla 2 School aims to empower school students to learn how to use the web and other technologies. Mozilla Kerala organized a 4-day back-to-back Mozilla 2 School events in 4 schools from August 3-6, 2015 in the districts of Malappuram and Palakkad in association with Kerala Startup Mission (KSM). Children of ages 13-17 enjoyed the introduction to the latest trends in technology and got a chance to play hands-on with a few of those technologies.

The schools that hosted the event are :

School Place Date
Islahiya English Medium Higher Secondary School Varangode August 3, 2015
MSPHSS Malayalam Medium School Malappuram August 4, 2015
Government High School Marayamangalam August 5, 2015
Government Higher Secondary School Marayamangalam August 6, 2015

The event was more of an introduction and a window to a new world. We could feel the passion and enthusiasm in the participants when we introduced the power of the open web, science and technology to them. We covered the following topics at the event :

  • Mozilla and its mission
  • Introduction to programming
  • Webmaker
  • Hands-on Thimble and Popcorn
  • Web design using HTML
  • Inspirational personalities
  • Trendy tech beats
  • Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Robotics
  • Simple game development
  • Playing with drones

We were able to provide an overview awareness about the technical community and government support we had in empowering school students. The government sponsors Raspberry Pis to the school students of Kerala who love tinkering with hardware. The government aims in developing a love for the technology and molding the student’s future to the trends of the industry.

The response from all the host schools were over-whelming. We were simply amazed by the enthusiasm such young children had towards technology. The most enlightening fact was that they even formed Mozilla Clubs the very next day to promote technology among their peers. We elected a core team as club leads. They even requested us for follow-up events already. This made us super-excited as well as delighted. We were very happy that the time and efforts we spent into the event was totally worth it.

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