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Switch from Chrome to Firefox in just a Few Minutes

You’ve heard about how fast the new Firefox is.
ou’ve heard it’s made by people who want the web to be awesome for everyone. You like that, you’re curious to try, but you hesitate. Moving from Chrome to Firefox seems like work. Fussy, computer-y IT work. Ugh. ”What about all my “stuff”? I don’t want to set all this up again.”

Swtiching from Chrome to Firefox graphic

Moving is not something we take lightly. Even just moving across town from one apartment to another. And it seems like it takes forever to get all your stuff set up and feel finally at home in your new place. Ultimately, it’s all worth it, but wouldn’t it be nice if moving were painless?

We’ve made switching browsers easy, fast and risk-free, so when you try the new Firefox you can concentrate on how smooth it runs, like walking into your new home after the white-glove movers have set it all up for you. And with Firefox, you’re getting the latest internet technology, stability and security, all in context with your stuff—bookmarks, autofills, passwords, preferences, accounts.

And don’t worry! Whether you use Firefox instead of Chrome or in addition toChrome, the install of Chrome on your machine will not be changed at all. Besides, the internet is too big and beautiful to see through just one browser, and using Firefox is like having a second perspective on the web.

We made Firefox for you to use however you choose. We also made it to support and foster the kind of internet you want to see, with technology, speed and security all ready to roll by default, taking two or three minutes—not months—to settle in!

Get more details and download the new Firefox here. We’ll bring all your stuff over from Chrome in just a few clicks—and to all your other devices, too, with a Firefox Account.

Welcome to your new home! Enjoy the view.

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