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Firefox OS Hackathon – Aagneya ’15

Mozilla Kerala organized a 24-hour Firefox OS Hackathon at Government Engineering College, Barton Hill as part of their Annual Cultural-cum-Technical Fest – Aagneya ’15 on March 21-22, 2015. Myself and Kumaresan were the mozillian mentors / organizers / representatives on behalf of Mozilla KeralaGoutham Krishna R joined us towards the evening to help out.

The event was a productive event with 2 Firefox Marketplace submissions. The turn out was relatively low with only around 10 people turning up for the hackathon. But the 10 that turned up were all coders. They were so engrossed in their code that they even forgot their hunger. We had to literally pull them out of their seats for dinner.

All the participants were equally fun as well as coding. We had our fair share of fun in between the coding sessions. We played around, made fun of each other, and had lots of other fun stuff too. In the same time, we coded too. We were busy with our own apps too. We also played around on twitter and clicked pictures too.


At the end of the 24-hour hackathon, we had 2 completed apps. A slick and interactive To-Do App by Shiv S and a very useful Blood Bank app by Jayadeep K M & Nisham Mohammed. We helped the developers upload their apps to the Firefox Marketplace. It was difficult to decide which of the 2 apps were the better among the lot. Both the apps had their own advantages as well as disadvantages too. So, we decided that we would announce the final results after discussing with the other developers in the community. The results will be out soon. But until then, check out the screenshots of the 2 completed apps. We hope that the other developers would complete their apps and upload their apps to the Firefox Marketplace too.

Screenshots of the To-Do App by Shiv S
todo-shiv-scr-1   todo-shiv-scr-2   todo-shiv-scr-3   todo-shiv-scr-4

Screenshots of Blood Bank app by Jayadeep K M & Nisham Mohammed
blood-bank-scr-1  blood-bank-scr-2  blood-bank-scr-3

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