MozCoffee April 2015

coffee is a much-liked beverage that lightens the load of the body, mind and soul of geeks. And Mozillians don’t need a specific reason to sit together to sit coffee and brainstorm.

The main agenda was to regroup and share the experience since the last MozCoffee which happened a month ago and catch up with the FSAs and the Mozillians around town. We also had to plan ahead for the upcoming Maker Party and other events.

We discussed :

  • HTML5/JS Developer Conference 2015
  • FSA Bootcamp
  • Community Meetup 2015

After the main agenda discussions, we discussed about a major concern that hit the country recently – Net Neutrality in India was at stake. We had already begun a campaign with the hashtag #FightForNeutrality. We discussed how we could support the fight to keep the web open in India. We pledged to fight for the freedom of the Internet in India.


If you haven’t already, support the #FightForNeutrality starting with the thunderclap below.

Check out how you can get more involved with the campaign here

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