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Stumbling in God’s Own Country

Mozilla Kerala organized a geolocation stumbling contest – Stumbling in a Box for the Mozilla Location Services from August 2, 2015 to August 22, 2015.

Similar geolocation stumbling events have been organized by other communities around the world. The main aim of the event was to bring more contributors who would contribute to Mozilla Location Services.

We had planned this contest for the mozillians in Kerala initially. But we had sign-ups from other parts of the country too. So, we decided to give them a chance to participate and we would consider them eligible for the final prize.

We called the contest Stumbling in God’s Own Country. We had a few new contributors signing up for the contest. We mentored them and showed them how to contribute to mozilla by stumbling their way. Faheem K (fhm) rocked the contest with a whopping 548250 points. Kumaresan C S (KUMARESAN.C.S) followed with 42677 points and Achyuth K P (Achyuth) with 42614 points. The contest contributed a total of 728252 points to Mozilla Location Services

The final points table is as follows :

Name Leaderboard Nick Points Collected
during Contest
Total Points Global Rank
Faheem K fhm 548250 2033723 18
Kumaresan C S Kumaresan.C.S 42677 209001 289
Achyuth K P Achyuth 42614 165021 365
Nadeem Ahmed nadeem 23336 29642 1447
Sreejith S Menon 18274 37679 1257
Salman Faris Salmanfarisnbr 13111 13175 2142
shine shine 12577 90462 656
Shoble Thomas Shoble Thomas 6358 22883 1644
Mehul Patel Mehul Patel 5365 71176 793
Aman Sehgal amaneight 5240 68903 817
Shahin N P shahinnp 4372 10532 2371
Avin Varghese Avin Varghese 3948 30463 1429
Vaibhav Bajaj Vaibhav Bajaj 1943 32276 1391
Abin Abraham abin 187 287 5640

A few contributors on a stumble

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