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Mozilla Kerala Meetup 1.0

Once upon a time…
After the very successful Firefox OS App Days event, we had a lot of buzz going on around. That’s when we decided to act upon the buzz and brew it into yet another passionate Mozilla Community, here in the Malayalam speaking country. And that’s how we ended up organizing the Mozilla Kerala Meetup, on Sunday, September 8, 2013 at Cochin.

What we had in mind for the meetup was a small event, with a small number of people, where people could socialize, build trust, brainstorm and start working together, more closely, as a community. So we decided to hold the event with 20 people. So we put up a signup form. Since the seating capacity was low, we advertised the event registration only through our facebook group. We had around 200 members in our Facebook group by this time and there were quite a few enthusiastic people there. Around 40 people registered in the deadline. And we picked 18 of the most active members, and invited everyone over email and then confirmed their participation via phone. Participants 19 and 20 were Me and Midhun ?

The Event
The event was held in a conference hall at The Gokulam Park Hotel at Kaloor, Cochin.

We started at around 10AM in the morning. Tea and snacks were provided for the attendees in the morning. We started with Midhun giving the welcome speech. Then we conducted a couple of warm up and ice breaking activities, which everyone enjoyed, as far as I can tell.

After the ice breaking sessions, we started brainstorming to and collect ideas for community projets. We aggregated quite a few project ideas and then discussed them.

After discussing the ideas, we had a few technical presentations. The presentations were:

Nikhil John's session on Firefox OS Architecture

Nikhil John’s session on Firefox OS Architecture

A few other people also talked about various other topics. By the end of the day, we had laid the foundations of yet another passionate Mozilla community, made friends with 19 other Mozillians, developed 10+ project ideas, and overall, had a great day.


Nikhil John talking about Firefox OS architecture             Ideas for community projects that came up in the morning session           9703032128_551d62c0e3

9702944596_03f86d39a3            Whitebaord after the event filled with attendee writings            9702975938_3d0045f898
Varghese talking at project discussion            9699792145_69b5c3e522            A group photo at the end
Discussions, discussions and discussions..           9699713223_82c1234154           9699704185_6ebca9f563
Mozilla Kerala Meetup photos


More Photos
Since then
The community has grown since then. We have organized several events – Firefox OS App Day events at engineering colleges, Web maker events at schools and colleges, we manned Mozilla stalls at thrid party events – and the list goes on. We kicked off a couple of community projects we discussed at the meetup. More are brewing and coming up shortly  ?
Stay tuned with Mozilla Kerala
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