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Welcome to Mozilla Kerala


At Mozilla we’re a global community of technologists, thinkers and builders working together to keep the Internet alive and accessible, so people worldwide can be informed contributors and creators of the  Web. We believe this act of human collaboration across an open platform is essential to individual growth and our collective future.In Kerala, we are a bunch of enthusiastic open-source enthusiasts, who came together to contribute to the world’s largest open source community.

“Strength lies in differences, not in similarities” – Stephen R. Covey

Our Mission

Our mission is to build an open world. A world that we can take pride in stating that we took part in its building. A world that the future generations will thanks us for.

Our Promise

Today is special for us Kerlalites – November 1st is the birth anniversary of our state. And this November 1st, on the 57th birthday of Kerala, we, the Mozilla Community in Kerala,committed towards our promise for an open society, is launching our website and blog to the public. We know this is nothing big and nothing to boast about. But this is our humble beginning, of a promise, to a brighter future.

Contact Us : [email protected]

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