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Webmaker Malappuram

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Event Name : Webmaker Malappuram
Event (Reps Portal ) :
Event (webmaker) :
Event Co-ordinator : Abid Aboobaker
Venue : Sullamussalam Science College, Areacode, Malappuram
Flickr : Post

Planning for the Malabar Mega maker party began a month and half before the actual event. It took a lot of hardwork involving numerous community calls lasting for hours over the internet & cellular network. We also had to have a couple of physical meet-ups to successfully plan this event.


We fixed the agenda with 6 sessions at the very beginning, which included one from Safwan Erooth and Netha Hussain (Wikipedia Editor). Due to the busy schedules of these speakers, we were forced go for a substitute. Due to unforseen reasons, the Agenda didn’t showed any sign of solidity till December but we decided to announce a tentative agenda on December 1st to proceed with further planning :

Time Topic Speaker
09:30AM – 10:15AM Introduction to Open Source & Mozilla Team MozillaKerala
10:15AM – 11:00AM Quick Intro to the world of Malaylam Wiki Wikimedia Community Member
11:05AM – 12:00noon Introduction to HTML5, CSS3 Anush Anilkumar | ReMo (Representative of Mozilla)
Parllel Session Introduction to FireFox OS Shine Nelson | Saurabh Nair
12:05PM – 01:00PM Responsive Web Desing : Tools and Practices Safwan Erooth | CEO | Tridz Technologies Ltd
01:45PM – 03:15PM Making The Web! – Hack Time Let’s make the web together! ?
03:15PM – 04:00PM Show-off your hacks!
04:00PM – .. : .. Feedback, Click… Click…, Chit-Chat, etc


We planned to invite a total of 60 attendees. It was due to space constraints that we limited the number of participants to just 60. We reserved 30 seats for the students of the host institution and the remaining 30 seats were set out for the public. Registrations for the event opened on 1st December, through the event Portal. (

The registrations were open till 14th December, and we received 80+ registrations. It took some time for us to choose 30 participants out of those who applied for the event.

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Start, Camera, Action!

Even with more than a month of planning, we ended up reaching the venue 30 minutes late :P. This was not new to us; It was a ‘never mind’ kind of stuff. ? As mentioned earlier, the Agenda did have some minor time changes after the attendees demanded a few sessions to go on for a longer time than expected.


  • Introduction to Mozilla & Open Source, Mozilla Team MozillaKerala
  • Parallel Session
  • Responsive Web Design : Tools and Practices Safwan Erooth, CEO, Tridz
  • Intro to the world of Malayalam Wiki Netha Hussain
  • Making The Web! – Hack Time Let’s make the web together! ?
  • Show-off your hacks!

The Maker Party was inaugurated by the Principal of the host institute  (Sullamussalam Science College, Areacode, Malappuram), Mr Muhamed Ilyas. He talked about his view about the web and declared his support for Mozilla projects. You are awesome sir!

Mr.Muhamed Ilyas inaugurating Webmaker Malabar

Mr.Muhamed Ilyas (Principal, Sullamussalam Science College, Areacode, Malappuram) inaugurating Webmaker Malabar

Introduction to Mozilla & Open Source

Without wasting much of our precious time, Abid flagged off the first session. The topics discussed in the first session were:

For the parallel sessions, the attendees were given total freedom to choose which sessions they wanted. We recommended attendees without any HTML knowledge to attend the Introduction to HTML5, CSS3 session.

Introduction to HTML5, CSS3

With the 20 attendees who turned up with a motive to make their first webpages, the session started-off with a small introduction of the participants. The attendees were already familiar with coding so it was easy to tutor them. They were very excited as Anush showed them how to build their first webpage.

Topics Discussed 

    • A little Introduction to HTML & History
    • Introduction to CSS & History
    • Problems Of web Developers and Designers
    • Integrated Development environment.
    • Let’s make it! ?



Being newbies and with limited time, their makes were very basic. But being their first webpages, it was definitely priceless!

  1. rmz by @rmz

Introduction to Firefox OS

An awesome session from Saurabh Nair & Shine Nelson was the key session of the event. But due to limited time, only basic app demonstration was possible. 2 Geeksphone Keons and 1 Geeksphone Peak developer devices were showcased during the session.

Topics included were: What is the Firefox OS?, features & more, Firefox OS Device showcase.

Responsive Web Design : Tools and Practices

A ground breaking session from professionals in the field enriched the attendees with the knowledge of the modern web and emerging internet concepts. But a few newbies commented that the sessions sounded like Greek & Latin for them ;).

Mr Safwan Erooth, CEO, Tridz Technologies Ltd discussed about the idea of Responsive Web Design, best practices, frameworks and few general topics related to the awesome web.

Mr Safwan Erooth | CEO | Tridz Technologies Ltd speaking on Responsive Web Design

Hats off to this geek; Thank you so much for coming all the way down from Bangalore for this amazing session.

Making The Web!

Let the Hacking begin! With the assistance of the Mozillians, the attendees set out to hack the web.

Intro to the world of Malayalam Wiki

After all this, Netha Hussain turned up for her session, special thanks to Netha for compromising her other duties for this session. Another professional at work; Nothing else to explain her.

How to Edit Wikipedia – Netha Hussain

By the end of the Wiki Editing session, Sullamussalam Science College was added to Wikipedia. The page on Areacode got a few updates as well. We also got to meet another Wikipedia User. He was gifted with “A bowl of strawberries” from Netha ?(

By then, it was time to show-off the hacks.

Webmaker Malabar proved to be an awesome event with a lot of enthusiastic webmakers of the future. We plan to host more events in the Malabar region in the near future. We ended the awesome day with a photo session of the participants.

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